Crested Gecko Forest Bioactive Kit

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Product Description

At Bioactive Herps, we are regularly contacted by keepers wanting to turn their enclosure into a natural, or Bioactive, system to improve on their husbandry standards and welfare. However, many are brand new to this style of keeping so are looking for that guiding hand to take them along.

Because of this, we have devised a new range of Bioactive Kits, aimed at some of the more common species of Reptile kept, whilst also being suitable for a range of other species with similar husbandry requirements.

The new Bioactive Herps Crested Gecko Forest Bioactive Kit has been specially designed for keepers who want to mimic the Tropical Forest regions of the Crested Geckos natural range. This range creates an ideal substrate to maintain humidity, that is great for Crested geckos to dig into when required. It has been designed to maintain humidity for longer periods, throughout the day.

This is perfect for your clean up crew, whilst also being ideal for live plant growth. Meanwhile, we will also include some great accessories to aid with the overall enclosure design, including our pick of the ideal plants, as well as branches and tubes for hiding and climbing.

In this kit, which has been designed around a 45x45cm base enclosure, you will receive:

1x 9L Bag of HydroRocks
2x 10L Bags of TropiMix
1x 45x45cm Drainage Mesh
1x Cork Tube or Flat
2x Branches
3x Small Plants
2x Medium Plants
3x Tubs of the ideal Custodians

Heat Pack Included

Create a perfect home for your Crested Gecko with this ideal starter kit. Also suitable for most Arboreal Forest based species, including Gargoyle Geckos, Chinese Water Dragons and many more. Some contents may vary slightly.

PLEASE NOTE:- Due to Popular demand, there may be up to a 48 Hour delay on dispatch of all Bioactive Herps Kits. We apologise for this inconvenience. During busy periods, this may be extended. Please get in touch via email or Facebook if you would like to check current dispatch times.

Additional Information

Weight17 kg