Arcadia 10% T8 Euro Range UVB Flourescent Tube

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Product Description

The Arcadia Euro-range is a complimentary range of HIGH QUALITY UV lamps for reptiles. They are made in Germany to the highest standards and have the highest and so safest output of any lamp available other than the core D3 and D3+. These lamps also last a full 3 months longer than our closest competitor.

The Arcadia Reptile Euro-Range is a New High Quality, Long-life and High Output range of T8 reptile lamps.

We have now been able due to huge improvements in technology to produce a range of T8 lamps that emit upper levels of UVA and UVB and also have a full 9 months life span.

Other than our Arcadia D3 and D3+T8 & High Output T5 range, these lamps typically last a FULL 3 MONTHS longer and emit up to 3x more UVB than competitive lamps and whatƒ??s more they are made to the very highest quality in GERMANY!

The Arcadia Reptile Euro-Range simply provides more UVB than other T8 lamps for a longer period of time and all at a fraction of the cost of Un-Regulated Asian Imports.

ƒ?› 5.0%+ & 10.0%+ UVB for the synthesis of vitamin D3
ƒ?› Long life span ƒ?? provides a full 9 months of UVB
ƒ?› Excellent colour emissions (High CRI) ƒ?? for better looking more naturally coloured animals
ƒ?› Typically x3 more usable UVB than most lamps
ƒ?› Total UVC protection
ƒ?› Balanced UVA to UVB ratio
ƒ?› High Quality product at a value price

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18w, 30w