Save Our Sungazers Campaign, by Fraser Gilchrist

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Save Our Sungazers Campaign, by Fraser Gilchrist

Today, we have a post by Fraser Gilchrist, who is in need of support for his Save Our Sungazers Campaign, which aims to research the Breeding of Smaug giganteus, to improve captive breeding and conservational efforts. So here is the write up from Fraser, please help by donating what you can.

S.O.S (Save Our Sungazers) Campaign by Fraser Gilchrist

If I was to say to you that although we keep Tigers and Pandas in captivity we don’t actually know the stimuli to breeding them – what would be your reaction? You would most likely ask what is being done to address this and maybe even ask what you could do to help.

Well this is exactly the situation that the Sungazer Lizard: Smaug giganteus is in and as numbers of Tigers and Pandas increase slowly year on year in captivity the number of Sungazers decreases – this simply isn’t sustainable and can’t continue.

In an attempt to address this I am visiting South Africa in January (paid for by myself) to; amongst other things install some environmental data loggers. These devices will collect temperature and humidity readings 8 x per day over a 365 day period. This information will help us recreate more natural conditions in a captive situation in the hope of encouraging breeding success.

To obtain a decent cross section of data I wish to purchase a total of 12 data loggers so that 6 can be installed above ground and 6 below. Each data logger costs £88.00 meaning I need to raise £1056 which is excluding VAT.

If making a difference to the long-term survival of a species interests you then you can donate towards the cost of these data loggers by making a PayPal donation directly to me:

Fraser Gilchrist is the European Studbook Holder for the increasingly endangered Sungazer Lizard: Smaug giganteus. His work is fully funded by himself and the kind support of others. If you are a company and wish to offer your support please contact me via the above email address – your help and support will be fully acknowledged in any publications and presentations.

For further information on this species check out:

Or visit his Donation Page


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