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Give your enclosure The Ultimate Boost!

A triple threat combo, designed to improve your Naturalistic/Bioactive Enclosure to the MAX!

Containing our unique Boost Range products, you can provide everything you need for a healthy Microbe load, Safe Plant feed and a diet for your clean up crew.

Bioactive Herps Bio Boost – A safe, natural source of beneficial Microbes. As a result, this kick starts your Nitrogen cycle and improve the removal of waste products from the environment. The various Bacteria, Mychorrizae and other microbes will chemically convert waste products. As a result, these become plant accessible nutrients, or harmless gases that can be released to the atmosphere.

Bioactive Herps Plant Boost – A safe, natural plant fertiliser. These have a beneficial effect on your plants, such as improving their resistance to disease and pests. Derived from Black Soldier Fly Larvae, which is quickly becoming popular as a natural fertiliser. Using this removes the need for harsh chemical fertilisers, meaning Plant Boost is safe for use in terrariums and for growing food that is intended as part of a Reptiles diet.

Bioactive Herps Bug Boost – Boost your clean up crews numbers and vitality with this special diet.

Ultimate Boost will improve every aspect of your enclosure. As a result, it is healthier, fresher and more natural without the added risk of disease and dirt from wild foraged items.

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