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Temperate Woodlice culture


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The number one clean up crew species for your vivarium or terrarium. These detritivores will consume waste organic matter while recycling nutrients in the enclosure. They reproduce quickly and?ÿare considerably larger than springtails with adults reaching a size of up to 1cm. They will also eat mould as well as waste products, are perfectly safe in naturalistic planted setups as they won’t harm the plants in any way. Their burrowing habits will also help aerate the substrate and generally improve substrate health.
Woodlice?ÿare hardy, they will survive in any type of?ÿenclosure?ÿprovided they have a dark, cool refuge, such as under a food bowl.?ÿ

In addition to being a great custodian species, they also make a great, highly nutritious live food rich in calcium.

Approx 25-30 in a tub

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