Reptile Systems Twin T5 Luminaire 54w


Comes with 2x UVB Tubes or upgrade to a New Dawn T5 Lamp


Hanging Kit

Hang your luminaire from the roof or a beam with this easy to use kit.


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The New Reptile Systems Twin T5 Luminaires allow keepers to manage UVB and Visible/Plant lighting in a single, easy to fit unit. Utilising two separate plugs, each lamp can be managed on individual timers to generate Sunrise and Sunset, or increase UVI across midday in an effort to generate more natural cycling.

Each Luminaire comes as standard with a 12% T5 Tube and a 6% T5 tube, but we are allowing full customisation, so you can get 2x 6% T5 Tubes, or 2x 12% T5 Tubes, or even upgrade to a T5 tube with a T5 New Dawn, perfect for plant growth and increasing those Lux and Lumen values in your vivarium.

The 54w Luminaire is 1150mm Long, making it suitable for vivs from 4ft long upwards.

  • Ready to use straight from the box
  • Stylish black edition finish.
  • Strong aluminium and vulcanised composite construction. Water resistant removable T5 end-caps
  • Supplied with mounting plates and suspension kits.
  • Supplied with one 6% and one 12% High Output T5 Reptile systems fluorescent tube, enabling you to reproduce a dawn to dusk diurnal cycle.
  • This can also be automated with the use of timers (not supplied).
  • UVA and UVB light will be provided in a natural way for your reptile.
Weight 3 kg


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