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A first of its kind high output LED designed for growing plants but in a traditional T5 style so it can be used on many already installed systems, making the T5 New Dawn perfect for a planted vivarium.

The NEW Dawn LED can be used to enhance the colours of reptiles that do not require UV, and alongside UV lighting for those that do. Use to show off the natural beauty of your terrarium or other enclosure to the maximum with this exciting light source.

It is also ideal for growing Orchids, carnivorous plants and other exotic flowers. The concentrated light source ensures phenomenal plant growth and health. As a vital part of photosynthesis, the superior light output from the New Dawn encourages light conversion to glucose, amongst other things which plants depend on for growth and energy.

Simply connect the LED to a T5 Controller or a Reptile Systems T5 Luminaire

Key Features:

  • High light levels at the correct wavelengths for powerful plant growth.
  • Uses 1/3 electricity producing double the light of an equivalent florescent lamp.
  • Rotating ends to direct light correctly.
New Dawn T5 LED 10w 550mm 16mm 10w 84 1700 6500k 50,000 hours 2 Years
New Dawn T5 LED 14w 850mm 16mm 14w 105 1700 6500k 50,000 hours 2 Years
New Dawn T5 LED 20w 1150mm 16mm 20w 147 1700 6500k 50,000 hours 2 Years

Reptile Systems may be relatively new to the scene, but they are proving to be a formidable force for innovation and excellence.

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