Reptile Systems D3 UV Basking Lamp Nano – 70w


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Reptile Systems D3 Basking Lamps are mercury vapour bulbs and are safe to use with your reptiles – hang them vertically in your vivarium to allow the convection currents to circulate normally within the bulb, meaning you should get around 6000 hours of light, UV and heat out of each bulb. As with all Mercury Vapour bulbs, these bulbs cannot be used with thermostats and should only be used in large enclosures or open top tables.

  • Provides source of UVA and UVB.
  • Important for reptiles development and health.
  • 35 degree beam angle for wide basking area.
  • Aids the synthesis of Vitamin D3.
  • Helps prevent metabolic bone disease.
  • Stimulates reproduction.
  • No external ballast required.
  • 6 Months guarantee.
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