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This Reptile Systems Ceramic Reflector Black comes with a reflector shade. There are a choice of three sizes, each with a varied shape to suit different types of bulbs.

These come with a multi-directional clamp, as well as a hook for hanging on stands, a better option for mercury vapour bulbs over tortoise tables for example. The ceramic fitting is heat resistant and unlike other brands, is also coloured black to match the reflector shade, giving an overall better completed look.

There is a heavy gauge reflector shade to go around the bulb, which is highly reflective inside to give optimum lighting and efficiency. A detachable protective mesh cover for the end of the shade is also included, and can be used optionally.

Combine with the Reptile systems Ceramic Rotating Bracket as shown here to create a sturdy heating unit, that can be aimed at basking zones for ‘side basking’ species. This is particularly useful for Chameleons, which prefer to absorb the morning/evening sun, as it rises or sets.

Black Clamp Lamp – Small Shallow 140mm 75w
Black Clamp Lamp – Medium Deep 140mm 100w
Black Clamp Lamp – Large Wide 216mm 200w

Reptile Systems may be relatively new to the scene, but they are proving to be a formidable force for innovation and excellence.

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