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Plug Plant Pack

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Plug Plant Packs from Bioactive Herps are the perfect way to grow your own food for your herbivorous Reptile.

Containing a mix of 6 different plants, all completely safe for use as a everyday feed, these packs allow you to grow in your Garden or pots, and offer a nutritious mix of leaves and flowers.

Favourites among all tortoise species, along with a wide range of herbivorous Lizards, you will soon be self sufficient in feeding your pet.

Benefits include:

  • Knowing where your food came from
  • No need to trawl the streets for food that may be contaminated by fertiliser, pesticides,¬†animal waste or pollution
  • Cheap and easy
  • Safe for use immediately, but we recommend you grow them on

Plug Plant Packs are available in 2 sizes, with both arriving in special Postable packs. This means you don’t even need to be in to receive them. Each Plant slot is identified by a letter, so you know which plant is which on delivery.

6 Pack of Plug Plants contain:

A – Greater Knapweed
B – Teasel
C – White Musk Mallow
D – Hedge Cranesbill Geranium
E – Ribwort Plantain
F – Autumn Hawksbit

12 Pack of Plug Plants contain:

A & G – Greater Knapweed
B & H – Teasel
C & I – White Musk Mallow
D & J – Hedge Cranesbill Geranium
E & K – Ribwort Plantain
F & L – Autumn Hawksbit

Plug Plant Packs include free delivery too!


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