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Earth Worms are approximately 50-75mm long and are available in a pack of 15.

Enjoyed by those reptiles and amphibians that prefer soft and moist food. Favoured by invertebrates and well suited to larger reptiles and amphibians, as they can be up to 50-75mm long.

Extremely lively and easy to look after, Earthworms are rich in protein and calcium and should form part of a balanced diet.

Care Instructions:
It is essential that all livefood are kept healthy. Therefore,  empty into a container with a lid and keep cool in the fridge. Spread a small amount of cooked, unsalted mashed potato onto the surface and lightly water, or use Bug Boost

Earth worms will provide many benefits to a Bioactive enclosure, from feeding on waste organic materials, to aerating the soil as they move around.
They can also provide a much needed variation in the diet. Mixed with a bioactive setup, these will also allow reptiles to dig and hunt naturally, increasing exercise and mental stimulation.

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Worms work best when coupled with other Bioactive custodians, including Springtails and Woodlice. For a fully rounded environment, use Bioactive Herps Bio Boost and Plant Boost, or upgrade to the Ultimate Boost.


Please Note: Live arrival guarantee is only valid when a heat pack is included in the order

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