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Bioactive Herps Bug Boost is a brilliant supplement to your Clean Up Crews diet. To ensure a well established, working system, it is important to have excess cleaners to be able to quickly and efficiently break down large waste products. Bug Boost provides an ideal diet to build healthy cleaners that breed readily and work hard for your enclosure.

Available in an easy to use powder, simply sprinkle on to the substrate in favoured hiding spots for your bugs to have easy access. Some moulding of the product is normal, your cleaners will relish this, although excessive mould should be removed and less Bug Boost used in subsequent feeds.

Available in 85g tubs, RRP is £6.49

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  1. Lisa Millward

    There’s not a lot to say really other than the clean up crew love it and thrive on it as an additional supplement. The population has increased well! It would be great if it came in larger packs and maybe re-sealable foil packets would be better for recycling and easy postage through the letterbox. Just an idea.

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