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Bioactive Herps Premium TropiMix is an ABG Inspired blend, developed and approved by our friends at Herp HQ. The ABG Mix was developed by Atlanta Botanical Gardens, as a perfect substrate for the growth of various tropical plants, including pot grown Bromeliads. It was quickly absorbed by the Reptile Keeping community, mainly Dart Frog Keepers, due to its ability to hold enough moisture for plant growth and humidity maintenance, whilst not waterlogging or becoming stodgy.

The Bioactive Herps Premium TropiMix is our own blend of Tree Fern Fibre, Sphagnum Moss, Peat Moss, Sedge Peat, Orchid Bark and Bio Char, for perfect moisture retention, drainage, absorption of toxins and much more.

When used with Bioactive Herps Bio Boost, it provides the ideal ecosystem for many of the Microbes that Bio Boost contains, improving tank cycling for a quicker system setup.

Premium TropiMix was developed alongside our friends at Herp HQ, and approved by them during testing. Please share you appreciation here:

Check out a video on this substrate here:

Premium TropiMix Demonstration

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