Bioactive Herps Maple Leaves


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Leaf Litter plays many important roles within a Bioactive enclosure, from covering substrates to reduce moisture loss, and thus keep humidity down, to acting as a food source for custodians and microbes within the soil (Who wants to eat faeces all day?).

Maple leaves are lovely, small and yellow. They act as great cover for clean up crew and smaller species.

Whilst Bioactive Herps always advocate the use of leaf litter from outdoors, where beneficial microbes and custodians are already living, it is important to remember that in areas of high pollution, pesticides or where the risk/fear of disease transmission is high, using sterilised leaves like these are much more preferable.

these can also be used by Non-Bio setups, as a foraging medium, for animals like African Pygmy Hedgehogs, or as a more natural looking substrate, that is easy to change.

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