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Designed to mimic woodland and temperate forest floors, Bioactive Herps ForestMix will encourage healthy plant growth and provide a safe refuge for clean up crew. A thick blend of soils and bark, ForestMix will compact down, creating a sturdy base for tunnels and burrows. Use Cork flats to create sturdier tunnels, or hides within the substrate.

Designed to hold humidity within the substrate, ForestMix can also keep dry above ground. By using a layer of leaf litter, humidity will be maintained much easier for species that prefer it dry, but with a moist burrow.

Blue Tongue Skinks, Tegus and other large lizards will love to dig and burrow in ForestMix.

ForestMix works best when used alongside Bioactive Herps Bio Boost to seed the environment with beneficial microbes, for quicker tank cycling.

Available in 10L Packs.

See the ForestMix in action here

Vivarium Volumes:

Base Size                            No. of packs req’d
5cm deep             10cm deep

45 x 45cm                     1 Pack                    2 Packs
45 x 60cm                    2 Packs                  3 Packs
2 x 2ft                            2 Packs                  3 Packs
3 x 2ft                            3 Packs                  6 Packs
4 x 2ft                            4 Packs                  7 Packs
5 x 2ft                            5 Packs                  9 Packs
6 x 2ft                            6 Packs                  11 Packs

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