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Coir Blocks

Made from the discarded husks of the Coconut industry. As a result, it is a completely renewable and sustainable resource.

Coir has incredible moisture retention capabilities, making it perfect for mixing with soils to reduce them drying out. It can also be stuck onto backgrounds.

Place the Coir Blocks in a tub and add 3L of warm water per block for the best expansion. 1 block makes approximately 9L of Coir. For best results, mix with other ingredients in our DIY Range of Substrates.

Each 5kg Coir Block makes 70L of Coir

Volume Calculations – 1 Block = 9L of Coir

Enclosure Base            5cm Depth            10cm Depth

45x45cm Base                1 Block                   2 Blocks
45x60cm Base               1.5 Blocks              3 Blocks
2x2ft Base                       2 Blocks                4 Blocks
3x2ft Base                       3 Blocks                6 Blocks
4x2ft Base                       4 Blocks                8 Blocks
5x2ft Base                       5 Blocks                10 Blocks

Due to the method of manufacture, coir is a completely sterile substrate. Therefore, it is important to ensure your substrate provides the right nutrients for plants and clean up crew, whilst including the beneficial microbiology for a working Bioactive System. Therefore, we highly recommend buying the Ultimate Boost, the perfect way to meet all these needs, in a safe manner.

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