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A member of the genus Aloe and the Xanthorrhoeaceae family of plants, Aloe Vera is native to southern Africa, Saudi Arabian peninsula and Madagascar. Aloe vera is widely used as an ingredient in creams, cosmetics and also used for it’s medicinal properties. It grows in a clump with thick leaves that store water. Fore best results, plant in Bioactive Herps Premium AridMix and feed with Bioactive Helps Plant Boost. Water only when soil becomes dry as over watering will quickly rot and kill it. This plant is drought tolerant.

Plant this terrestrial succulent in the ground. This plant will grow from 6-12″, so keep this in mind when planting Aloe vera in your desert vivarium.

Aloe vera requires bright light and has low water needs. It prefers dry, well drained soil or substrate. Do not allow standing water on the leaves. It does not require air movement or ventilation as long as standing water is not present on it’s leaves. Aloe will grow fairly broad, long leaves in a naturalistic vivarium and will make a great foreground plant in larger desert vivaria, or background plant in smaller desert vivaria.

For further details, see the additional info tab. This plant is safe for herbivorous species, but care should be taken as it can be a laxative.

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