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3ft Enclosure Electrics Bundle – Arcadia Reptile

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At Bioactive Herps, we like to make your life easy. We are proud of our stance on the ethical and moral supply of the ideal equipment for species based on the scientific evidence of their needs.

We have created this bundle of electrics for you to have easy access to the right items for your enclosure, in a few small clicks.

This bundle is completely upgradeable, so you can go for the basic requirements of Heat and UV, or go full on into Plant lighting, upgraded Thermostats and thermo/Hygrometers. All at some of the best prices you will find.


Basic Kit:

  • 1x Arcadia Pro T5 2ft 24w System in 6% or 12%
  • 1x Habistat High Range Dimming Thermostat
  • 1x Reptile Systems Ceramic Rotating Lamp holder and Bracket
  • 1x 75w Reptile Systems Halo Spot Lamp
  • 1x 100w Reptile Systems Halo Spot Lamp
  • 2x Bioactive Herps Digital Thermometers

Upgrade options:

  • Add on a 34w Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Bar
  • Upgrade the Thermostat to a Microclimate
  • Upgrade 1x Thermometer to a Zoo Med Digital Thermo/Hygrometer
Weight 5 kg


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