Bugs & Boost

The mainstay of any Bioactive Enclosure are the Bugs & Boost.

Woodlice, Springtails, Earthworms and other invertebrates make up the bulk of this in most enclosures, but the most overlooked part of the setup is argubly the most important.

The Bioactive Boost Range adds beneficial microbes, bacteria and minerals to the substrate which work to chemically break down waste products into a more plant useable form.

Bioactive Herps Bio Boost contains 100’s of different beneficial Bacteria, Myrchorrizae and minerals that seed the substrate and keep it fresher for longer.

Bioactive Herps Plant Boost adds much needed nutrients to the soil, for plants to grab hold of for growth. Derived from Black Soldier Fly Larvae Frass, it is completely natural and 100% safe for use in terrariums.

Bioactive Herps Bug Boost is a supplemental feed for the invertebrates during the times when there is no waste to devour.

The entire Bugs and Boost range makes up everything your Bioactive Enclosure requires to remain healthy. With a healthy substrate comes healthier plants, leading to a healthier environment and ultimately a healthier animal.

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