Opening Day

We are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of our new Shop Premises.

We will be having our Open Day on Saturday 4th Feb 2017, with the doors opening at 0900 hours and remaining open until 1800 hours, a special extended day!

Come in to see our full range of plants, natural decor and substrates, as well as new stock including Live/Frozen foods, UVB Lighting, Thermostats and now Livestock!

We will have Uromastyx and Red Foot Tortoises available for sale on the day, whilst you can marvel at our beautiful natural (and bioactive) setups and future breeding projects in our Monkey Tailed Skinks and Timon tangitanus.

Come along for a chat, to learn more about how we run or stock up on quality products at great prices.

We look forward to seeing you all.


Standard opening times will be;

Monday               –     0900 to 1600
Tuesday               –     0900 to 1600
Wednesday         –     0900 to 1600
Thursday             –     CLOSED
Friday                  –     1000 to 1600
Saturday             –      1000 to 1800
Sunday                –      CLOSED

Please note: We will be closing between 1500 and 1530 during the weekdays

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