Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our plants are safe for immediate use in Reptile enclosures.
Not all of our plants are safe for Herbivorous species. However, those that are considered a 'Safe Feed', are safe for immediate use with these species. They are grown in a range of different media, from plain topsoil or Coir, to a blend including perlite or Horticultural grit, depending on the requirements of the individual plant, but all are safe for use. Our plants are intended as decoration for enclosures, rather than a replacement for a properly balanced diet. All of these plants can be found in the ‘Edible Plants’ category. We also have a handy Traffic Light System, with a coloured dot on each plant listing denoting: Green - Safe Feed Orange - Moderate Feed Red - No Feed Some of the most appropriate plants include: Campanula Carex Hebe Gerbera Saintpaulia Festuca Echeveria Pilea Fittonia and much more When comparing against safe lists on other known websites, please note that those lists are not comprehensive and may be overly cautious. We have done the hard work to determine which plants are suitable.
This depends on how deep you want your substrate. The minimum depth we would recommend for a Bioactive Setup would be approximately 10cm. To work out how much substrate you need, use this handy calculator: Example: 4x2x2ft Enclosure (120x60x60cm) Length of Enclosure (cm) x Depth of Enclosure (cm) = Area 120cm x 60cm = 7200 square cm Area x Depth of Substrate (cm) = Quantity in cubic centimetres (cc) 7200cm2 x 10cm = 72000 cubic cm cc / 1000 = Quantity in Litres (L) 72000 / 1000 = 72L L / 10 is number of 10L Bags of substrate from Bioactive Herps 72L / 10 = 7.2 Bags
Our bundles have been designed to supply you with an assortment of quality plants suitable for the species the bundle is aimed at. Where a bundle is aimed at an Herbivorous species, these plants will all be ‘Safe if Eaten’ We cannot customise these bundles though. The bundle plant stock is seperate from the stock which is listed on the website, therefore the plant you receive may not be ones listed as in stock.
It would be impossible for us to create bundles for all species available in the Reptile Keeping hobby. We will always attempt to cater for specific species. If you purchase a bundle that roughly matches the environment type of your animal, please add a note in the checkout to tell us what you have and we will do our best to tailor it, from the plants we have in stock.
We try to ensure all of our stock is as up to date as possible on the website. If the item has sold out, you will not see an add to cart button on the listing.
We have regular deliveries of live plants, every week or two. However, whilst we always endeavour to restock everything we can, often times there are plants that will go out of season. Out of Stock items will include a Back In Stock Notification sign up form. These automatically send an email as soon as the plant is placed back in stock. We always announce our plant deliveries on Facebook and Instagram, so please follow our pages if you don’t already.
All of our 5kg Bulk bags of Cork are pre-bagged before sale, therefore it is not possible for us to select certain pieces for you. However, we are among a very few select companies that go to the hard work of individually photographing and pricing our cork, so the piece you see online is the piece you will receive. Not only does this make it easier for you to get the perfect bit of cork, but it makes us far better value than our competitors.
We have designed the Bioactive Herps Boost Range from the ground up, specifically for use within terrariums. All products are safe for use, whether the enclosure has inhabitants or not. Each product is safe if ingested and will have no ill effects, in small doses.
In the first instance, please contact us within 24 hours of their arrival to let us know. Please send as many pictures as you can, of the plant and all packaging. DO NOT – Pull off any damage, or attempt to repair the plant until we have responded. We may require additional pictures. DO – Place the plant in a small saucer of water on a well lit windowsill, but do not put in direct sunlight. DO NOT – Plant your plant in an enclosure, or repot it in any way. We may request for the plant to be returned Flowers are temporary structures on any plants and will generally struggle during shipping, more than the rest of the plant. Whilst generally, our plants arrive without issue, flowers are not covered from damage or decay due to the natural lifecycle of the plant. So long as the greenery is still healthy, new flowers will grow. Any actions you take may void our guarantee. We will always resolve any issues with damaged or deceased plants, as best we can.
Orders placed by 12pm Monday to Thursday will usually be despatched same day. Orders placed from 12pm Thursday to 12pm Monday will be despatched on the Monday. Bank Holiday shipping will be announced on the Facebook Page and at the Checkout. Some orders may have a delayed despatch, for instance particularly large orders received just before 12pm, or Substrate Kits.
Our Free Shipping over a £60 spend option will vary depending on the best method available for the items purchased. Free Shipping orders will usually arrive within normal despatch and delivery times, but we reserve the right to delay despatch during busy periods.
All plants will include a table in the description, detailing important information, such as Pot Size, Height, Watering and Lighting Information and Environment. Information provided is intended as a guide only. Sizing can vary week to week, and care requirements should be checked more in depth through appropriate sources. icons