My plants arrived looking damaged or unwell, what should I do?

In the first instance, please contact us within 24 hours of their arrival to let us know. Please send as many pictures as you can, of the plant and all packaging.

DO NOT – Pull off any damage, or attempt to repair the plant until we have responded. We may require additional pictures.

DO – Place the plant in a small saucer of water on a well lit windowsill, but do not put in direct sunlight.

DO NOT – Plant your plant in an enclosure, or repot it in any way. We may request for the plant to be returned

Flowers are temporary structures on any plants and will generally struggle during shipping, more than the rest of the plant. Whilst generally, our plants arrive without issue, flowers are not covered from damage or decay due to the natural lifecycle of the plant. So long as the greenery is still healthy, new flowers will grow.

Any actions you take may void our guarantee. We will always resolve any issues with damaged or deceased plants, as best we can.