How much substrate do I need for my enclosure?

This depends on how deep you want your substrate. The minimum depth we would recommend for a Bioactive Setup would be approximately 10cm. To work out how much substrate you need, use this handy calculator:

Example: 4x2x2ft Enclosure (120x60x60cm)

Length of Enclosure (cm) x Depth of Enclosure (cm) = Area
120cm x 60cm = 7200 square cm
Area x Depth of Substrate (cm) = Quantity in cubic centimetres (cc)
7200cm2 x 10cm = 72000 cubic cm
cc / 1000 = Quantity in Litres (L)
72000 / 1000 = 72L
L / 10 is number of 10L Bags of substrate from Bioactive Herps
72L / 10 = 7.2 Bags