Are your plants safe for my Tortoise? What Plants are suitable for my Tortoise?

Not all of our plants are safe for Herbivorous species. However, those that are considered a ‘Safe Feed‘, are safe for immediate use with these species. They are grown in a range of different media, from plain topsoil or Coir, to a blend including perlite or Horticultural grit, depending on the requirements of the individual plant, but all are safe for use.

Our plants are intended as decoration for enclosures, rather than a replacement for a properly balanced diet. All of these plants can be found in the ‘Edible Plants’ category. We also have a handy Traffic Light System, with a coloured dot on each plant listing denoting:

Green – Safe Feed
Orange – Moderate Feed
Red – No Feed

Some of the most appropriate plants include:

and much more

When comparing against safe lists on other known websites, please note that those lists are not comprehensive and may be overly cautious. We have done the hard work to determine which plants are suitable.