Bugs & Boost

The Bugs Boost Range

Introducing the Bioactive Herps Boost Range: Bug Boost, Plant Boost & Bio Boost!

Bioactive Herps Bug Boost is a brilliant supplement to your Clean Up Crews diet. To ensure a well established, working system, it is important to have excess cleaners to be able to quickly and efficiently break down large waste products. Bug Boost provides an ideal diet to build healthy cleaners that breed readily and work hard for your enclosure.

Easy to use, just sprinkle…

Available in an easy to use powder, simply sprinkle on to the substrate in favoured hiding spots for your bugs to have easy access. Some moulding of the product is normal, your cleaners will relish this, although excessive mould should be removed and less Bug Boost used in subsequent feeds.

Bioactive Herps Bio Boost

Bioactive Herps Bio Boost is a blend of thousands of Microbes, Bacteria and Minerals designed to kick start your Bioactive Setup.
Simply mix with water and spray onto your substrate, Bio Boost will help to breakdown waste as part of the Nitrogen Cycle, which in turn makes your substrate healthier, feeds your plants and aids your Clean Up Crew.

Bio Boost is a natural Mould and Fungus suppressant, capable of not only preventing outbreaks but even reducing or curing the dreaded the Flower Pot Fungus which is known to affect newer setups. Bio Boost seeds your setup to help cycle the system, much like you would in a Fish Tank. It can also protect plants from various diseases whilst boosting root growth and overall health.

Bio Boost is 100% Safe, 100% natural and 100% easy to use. Each bottle will treat up to 10x 4ft enclosures with an initial treatment and follow-up treatment after 2 weeks.

Store for up to 6 months

Bio Boost can be stored in a cool dry place for up to 6 months before use but may remain effective out of the bottle, for some time after this period.